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Provision should therefore be made for importers to make sure that the measuring instruments they place on the market comply with the requirements of this Directive and that they do not place on the market measuring instruments which do not comply with such requirements or present a risk. However, few internationally published studies have evaluated how trends in adolescents' food habits develop in the context of Nordic nutrition policy, or have compared differences between the Nordic countries. Erandid tuleks ette näha juhtudeks, kui mõõtevahendi suurus või laad seda ei võimalda. Sellistel juhtudel peaks nende rahvusvaheliselt kokkulepitud tehniliste normdokumentide kasutamine olema alternatiiviks harmoneeritud standardite kasutamisele ja eritingimustel olla vastavuseelduse aluseks. Seda on võimalik kõige paremini saavutada teavitatud asutuste vahelise asjakohase koordineerimise ja koostöö kaudu. It is, however, essential that all notified bodies perform their functions to the same level and under conditions of fair competition.

Clarisse Guimarães Casali Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a ocorrência dos principais sinais e sintomas dos casos de dengue clássico e dengue hemorrágico na epidemia de do município do Rio de Janeiro.

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Foram analisados os Avaliaram-se as variáveis referentes à sintomatologia da doença. Manifestações gerais como febre, cefaléia, prostração, mialgia, náuseas e dor retro-orbitária tiveram alta incidência tanto no dengue clássico como no dengue hemorrágico.

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Por outro lado, manifestações hemorrágicas e algumas de maior gravidade como choque, hemorragia digestiva, petéquias, epistaxe, dor abdominal e derrame pleural, estiveram significativamente associadas ao dengue hemorrágico. The following study was intended to evaluate the occurrence of typical signs and symptoms in the cases of classic dengue and hemorrhagic dengue fever, during the epidemic in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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Common symptoms, such as fever, headache, prostration, myalgia, nausea and retro-orbital pain, had a high incidence in both classic and hemorrhagic dengue fever. On the other hand, hemorrhagic signs and other signs of severe disease, such as shock, gastrointestinal bleeding, petechiae, epistaxis, abdominal pain and pleural effusion, were strongly associated to hemorrhagic dengue fever.

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Besides, the occurrence Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden Anne-Siri Fismen Full Text Available In the Nordic countries, substantial policy and intervention efforts have been made to increase adolescents' consumption of fruit and vegetables and to reduce their intake of sweets and soft drinks. Some initiatives have been formulated in a Nordic collaboration and implemented at national level.

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In recent years, social inequalities in food habits have been attracted particular governmental interest and several initiatives addressing the socioeconomic gradient in food habits have been highlighted. However, few internationally published studies have evaluated how trends in adolescents' food habits develop in the context of Vahemaa lindi chart Trading System nutrition policy, or have compared differences between the Nordic countries.

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Food habits were identified by students' consumption of fruit, vegetables, sweets and sugar sweetened soft drink. Multilevel logistic regression was used to analyze the data.

Kuna kõnealusesse direktiivi on vaja teha uusi muudatusi, tuleks see selguse huvides uuesti sõnastada. Since further amendments are to be made, that Directive should be recast in the interests of clarity.

Trends in fruit consumption developed differently across countries, characterized by an increase in Denmark and Norway and more stable trends in Sweden and Finland.

Vegetable consumption increased particularly in Denmark and to a lesser extent in Norway, whereas Sweden and Finland Valikute tehingute sisemine vaartus stable trends.

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Decreased trends were observed for sweet and soft drink consumption and were similar in Norway, Sweden and Finland.