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The existing rights and obligations to negotiate interconnection should therefore be maintained. Käesoleva direktiivi sätteid kohaldatakse nende võrkude suhtes, mille abil pakutakse üldkasutatavaid elektroonilisi sideteenuseid. National regulatory authorities and national authorities entrusted with the implementation of competition law should, where appropriate, coordinate their actions to ensure that the most appropriate remedy is applied. In addition to national publication of this information, it is therefore necessary for Member States to send this information to the Commission. Euroopa turul tegutsevad ettevõtjad on Digital VideoBroadcasting Groupi DVB Grupp abil välja töötanud rühma teleülekandesüsteeme, mille ringhäälinguorganisatsioonid on kasutusele võtnud kogu maailmas.

For the purposes of this Act, ship and aircraft radio licences and amateur radio station operating authorisations are also frequency authorisations.


The Technical Trading Communications jaemuuk Systems Authority shall publish the specified form on its website. Application for frequency authorisation 1 In order to receive a frequency authorisation, a person shall submit a standard format application to the Technical Surveillance Authority which contains at least the following information: [RT I66, - entry into force Processing of applications for frequency authorisations and grant of frequency authorisations 1 The Technical Surveillance Authority shall grant a frequency authorisation: [RT I66, - entry into force Refusal to grant frequency authorisation 1 The Technical Surveillance Authority shall refuse to grant a frequency authorisation if: [RT I66, - entry into force Amendment of conditions of frequency authorisation 1 The Technical Surveillance Authority may amend the conditions of a frequency authorisation if after the grant of the authorisation the bases provided for in clauses 24567 or 8 of subsection 14 1 of this Act become evident or if the activity licence Trading Communications jaemuuk Systems the provision of radio services which was the prerequisite for the grant of the frequency authorisation is amended.

If the basis for amendment of the frequency authorisation arises from clause 14 1 2 of this Act, the decision of the Technical Surveillance Authority on amendment of the conditions of the frequency authorisation enters into force at the moment when it is made.

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Amendment of a frequency authorisation due to amendment of the activity licence for Trading Communications jaemuuk Systems provision of radio services enters into force at the date specified in the decision to amend the activity licence for the provision of radio services. Extension of and refusal to extend frequency authorisation 1 In order to extend a frequency authorisation under the valid conditions, the holder of a frequency authorisation shall submit an application for the extension of the frequency Trading Communications jaemuuk Systems to the Technical Surveillance Authority not later than one month before the expiry of the frequency authorisation.

The applicant is required to pay the state fee for the extension of the frequency authorisation. Transfer of right to use radio frequencies and grant for use on the basis of contract for use 1 The holder of a frequency authorisation may transfer in part or in full the right to use radio frequencies defined in the frequency authorisation or grant the right for use to another person on the basis of a contract for use if the right to transfer the respective radio frequencies or to grant these for use on the basis of a contract for use is provided for in the Estonian radio frequency allocation plan.

The right to use radio frequencies may not be transferred or granted for use on the basis of a contract for use in the case of a frequency authorisation, whereby the right to use radio frequencies in the broadcasting network is granted.

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The Technical Surveillance Authority has the right to refuse the transfer of right to use radio frequencies or the grant of the right for use on the basis of a contract for use if it distorts competition. Suspension and revocation of frequency authorisation 1 Upon violation of the conditions of a frequency authorisation, the Technical Surveillance Authority may suspend the right to use the radio frequencies granted by the frequency authorisation if the holder of the frequency authorisation has failed to eliminate Tootajate aktsiaoptsioonide tuup Trading Communications jaemuuk Systems of the conditions of the frequency authorisation within one month after the Technical Surveillance Authority informed the user of radio frequencies of violation of the conditions and granted the user a possibility to provide an opinion or eliminate the violation, unless the Technical Surveillance Authority has granted a longer term.

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Organisation of auction 1 If several persons have concurrently submitted applications for the use of the same radio frequency, the Technical Surveillance Authority shall organise an auction in order to grant a frequency authorisation. Applications which have arrived on the same date are deemed to be applications that have arrived concurrently.

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The winner of the auction shall be granted a frequency authorisation, taking account of the provisions of § 13 of this Act. Use of radio frequencies without frequency authorisation 1 The Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications has the right, in accordance with the purposes of use of radio frequencies, to determine the possibility to use radio frequencies without a frequency authorisation provided for in § 11 of this Act and establish the conditions for the use of radio frequencies with regard to the specified radio frequencies and the technical requirements necessary to avoid radio interference, ensure interoperability of equipment and ensure protection of the public from the harmful effect of electromagnetic fields.

Use of radio frequencies for national defence purposes 1 The Minister of SPX Valikud shall establish the procedure and technical requirements for the use of radio frequencies allocated for exclusive use to the Defence Forces in peace-time in accordance with the Radio Regulations annexed to the Constitution and Convention of the International Telecommunications Union.

The Technical Surveillance Authority shall grant the specified frequency authorisation to the Defence Forces as a priority.

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Incorrect or misleading message and confidentiality of radiocommunication 1 It is prohibited to send, by means of radiocommunication, incorrect or misleading messages which may prejudice the safety of aircraft, ships or vehicles on land or of persons or the functioning of the activities of any rescue service agency. Radio interference and elimination thereof 1 Causing of radio interference is prohibited, except in the cases and pursuant to the procedure provided for in § of this Act.

The demand to suspend or restrict the use of the equipment shall be made in writing.

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Conduct of amateur radiocommunication The procedure for the use of radio frequencies for amateur radiocommunication purposes and for the issue of the radio amateur qualification shall be established by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Formation and assignment of radio call signs 1 Radio call sign is a combination of numbers or letters used for the identification of messages or radio transmission equipment.

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  • The provisions of this Directive apply to those networks that are used for the provision of publicly available electronic communications services.
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Giving notification of information related to radio frequency management 1 The aviation frequency coordinator of the International Civil Aviation Organisation in Estonia shall notify the Technical Surveillance Authority in writing of approved radio frequencies for the organisation of air traffic services in the territory of Estonia and their technical conditions and amendment of the technical conditions within three working days after the date of establishment or amendment of the radio frequencies and the conditions.

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