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Today, a winger is usually an attacking midfielder who is stationed in a wide position near the touchlines. In January , Ibrahimović was handed the number 10 jersey after the departure of Brazilian winger Nenê. On occasion, the role of a winger can also be occupied by a different type of player. Copy Report an error Ääremängija kohus on võita vastandlikke äärekaitsjaid, toimetada laiadelt positsioonidelt tagurpidi või tsenderdusi ning vähemal määral kaitsta kaitsjaid ja lüüa lähedalt. They had also produced their first rugby league superstar after winger Noa Nadruku joined Canberra Raiders and in became the top try-scorer in the Australian competition. Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese winger, collected the Premier League Merit Award for reaching 30 league goals this season.

Она с октопауком. Бросив рюкзак, Николь уже бежала по равнине.

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Она обхватила свою дочь руками и оторвала от земли.

- Ах, Элли, Элли. - воскликнула Николь, и слезы потекли по ее щекам.

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